A battle that seems like it'll never end is the debate between who has the best pizza. This time around the Garden State put its foot down to declare themselves as the ‘pizza capital of the world.’

That's a bold move.

According to NYPost.com, New Jersey official went on twitter and made it real with a tweet that read, “This Sunday in honor of #NationalPizzaDay we will be declaring NEW JERSEY: THE PIZZA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.”

It was also mentioned on NYPost.com that this isn't the first time NJ officials declare themselves the "capital" of a certain food. Earlier this year (January 15), @NJGov tweeted out "bagel capital of the world" along with a beat-up drawing of the state of New Jersey.

After @NJGov declared itself ‘pizza capital of the world’ many twitter users were not happy. New Yorkers started pointing out that the best pizza, according to them, was in New York. Other states like Connecticut and Pennsylvania chimed and said that they were totally against that declaration.

On the other hand, there were a bunch of twitter users that actually agreed with @NJGov on twitter.

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