Is it Water Ice or Italian Ice?

I feel like the pork roll debate is one that will always be around. Depending on where you live in New Jersey, you either call it Taylor Ham or Pork Roll. People from Jersey will always argue about this, and people who don't live from New Jersey just wonder what the big deal is.

I've never lived in any other state, so maybe they have these kinds of debates in other states too? Probably not, because we're just crazy like that. But hey, you never know.

This morning on Chris & The Crew, we started debated the difference between Italian ice and snow cones because of this article we found on Fox News that explored the differences between snow cones and Italian Ices.

We agreed that those are two totally different frozen treats. Snow cones are chunky ice, and Italian ice is way smoother. Snow cones also get the syrup squirted on top after it's put into a cup, where Italian ice has its flavor mixed in.

But then, we started talking about water ice vs Italian ice. Chris, who grew up in Cranbury says, she calls it water ice. Dave, who is from Maryland calls is Italian ice. For once, I agree with Dave. By the way, I grew up in central Jersey. When I looked up the definition of both, and it specifically says water ice is a Philadelphia thing. So if you go somewhere and order water ice, you will indeed receive Italian ice.

What do you call it? The debate will live on.

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