Yes, I am guilty of being slightly obsessed with my pet. She's my family's dog and we love her too much. I see her as my dog sister. Her name is Leeza, and she is half English Pointer, half English Setter.

Now that you know the background of my dog, I can also admit that I am guilty of dressing her up for Halloween ... twice as an adorable pumpkin. Her costume is almost like a coat that had a jack o'lantern face, and it came with a little hat that was supposed to be the top of the pumpkin. I added a picture below for a reference.

Credit: Adam

You can't see the pumpkin outfit in all its glory, but you can see Leeza and why I am obsessed with her! She wasn't the biggest fan of wearing the costume, but I'm happy we were able to snap a pic of her wearing it. I will add that she wanted to destroy the hat though. We didn't let her.

So I'm asking... for a friend, do you dress your pet in a fun costume for Halloween?

Credit: Thinkstock