I've heard from family, friends, and even some coworkers that it’s stressful to leave your dogs alone at home for a long time. A coworker here at the station once said that he hired a dog walking service that comes by to get his furry friends on walks through the day. He even receives pictures of the dog on walks. That sounds convenient.

Have you ever heard of some sort of "luxury hotel resort" that is strictly for your furry friend? Cannot say that I have.

Bucks Local News recently shared that in Newtown there are some plans of having a "high end day care and luxury hotel resort for dogs." Now this is very interesting. Can you send your furry friend on a vacation there?

They are still awaiting many approvals to be able to create this dog luxury resort. According to Bucks Local News if this all goes through it will be located at the Newtown Business Commons. This luxury resort for dogs will offer "high end daycare and boarding service."

I am pretty sure booking some days for your pet at this Newtown luxury dog resort is not going to be cheap. We learned from Bucks Local News that this project will cost between "$1.2 to $1.4 million."

This project will be created by a company that is already an owner of other "K9 resorts.” The vice president of the K9 resort, Tim Katsch, told Bucks Local News that they want dog owners to know that their furry friend will be in good hands. Katsch also said, "This is an overnight stay for the dog similar to that of a dog hotel. It’s a low stress, high enjoyment environment where we specialize in cage free accommodations."

This does sounds pretty fancy. We learned on Bucks Local News that the dog resort will offer "grooming and nail cutting services, veterinary care, vaccinations or and injections and retail and food sales."

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