'Sunny,' a golden retriever lives with his owner, Karen Eveleth. They've been neighbors with Renee Hellman for over a decade, and when she self-quarantined for her own health, the two thought of a clever way to help her get her groceries.

Here's how the system works. Renee gives Sunny her grocery list. He gives the list to Karen, who then goes to the store and picks up the items. Sunny the dog then delivers the order to the elderly neighbor.

Sunny has been making trips back and forth from his house to his neighbors since the coronavirus outbreak started.

"What a wonderful thing, just a sweet thing," Hellman said. "So he started doing the schlepping, back and forth. It's been fun, it's been a real treat."

Hellman has some health issues and relies on oxygen to breathe. She says getting food and visits from the pup makes the days more bearable. "It's been fun, it's been a real treat," said Hellman.

Sunny also gets mail for his owner and even picks up trash when they go for walks.

Sunny's owner said, "Anybody can do something small, that can be so helpful."

[source: KKTV]

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