It may soon for illegal for your dog to stick its head out of the window of a moving car in Pennsylvania.

At least that's the case in Florida, as a bill is making its way through the Florida state senate, calls for it, and other outlets reported this week. 

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Some lawmakers say that if a window is open enough for a dog to stick its head out that the pet could also jump out of the car.

Plus, they say it also allows dogs to potentially get an object in their eye.

Is It Illegal For Your Dog to Stick Its Head Out the Window of a Moving Car in Pennsylvania?

So this got us wondering, could a similar bill come to the Pennsylvania state legislature?

Well, for starters, Pennsylvania has no law requiring that dogs or other pets be restrained in a moving vehicle. That's according to a post from

So we went ahead and we searched all of the pending legislation making its way through the state of Pennsylvania on the state's website, and we did not see any similar measures (so far).

What about New Jersey?

In New Jersey, however, pets in moving vehicles must be secured in a carrier or wear a seatbelt. Failure to comply can result in a fine of $250 to $1000 for the driver, according to an analysis from the website 

Of course, some eyes from animal activists will likely be on this Florida legislation to see if it passes. If it does, will other states follow?

We'll see.

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