Soon, man's (or woman's) best friend may be allowed to tag along with their owner to their favorite brewery in New Jersey. Yup! According to CBS Philly, New Jersey lawmakers are sponsoring new legislation to let your furry friends hang out in NJ breweries, while you enjoy your favorite beer.

If you're not a dog lover, and are kind of cringing right now, let me make you feel a little better. The dogs will only be allowed in areas where sampling and tasting happens, not where they make the beer or they could contaminate any equipment, glassware, or other products. So, no worries about that.

Senator Kip Bateman, who's trying to make dogs in breweries a reality, says that breweries are spots where people go to make memories, and their furry friends should be included. Many people think of their dogs as a member of their family, so why not bring them to the brewery?

More and more breweries are popping up around the state, so this makes sense to many. It could bring more business to the breweries if people can bring their dogs, but, on the flip side, some who don't like dogs, could stay away. We'll see what happens.

The Senate still needs to vote on this legislation.

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