NJ Monthly, with the help of an expert panel, selected River Horse Brewing Company, Spellbound Brewing Company and Third State Brewing to be part of their list of New Jersey’s Best Craft Breweries.

NJ Monthly assembled a panel of experts that included beer bloggers, craft beer store managers, restaurant general managers, and a bartender. These craft breweries were not ranked by any means. The experts simply wanted to highlight the best craft breweries in the Garden State. Let's take a look at the local selections:

River Horse Brewing Company - Ewing, NJ

This brewery has been around since 1996, and today they can be found in many local craft beer retailers and on tap at many restaurants. This brewery gets extra points from me, even though I'm not part of their official expert panel, because of their hippo mascot, Brewtus, doing hilarious things on their Instagram page. Check out the Instagram photo below of Brewtus recreating the famous Kim Kardashian break the Internet champagne photo.

Spellbound Brewing Company -  Mount Holly, NJ

NJ Monthly mentions that Spellbound Brewing's Palo Santo Wood Aged Porter previously won the owners a Great American Beer Festival medal. So not only do they have award winning craft beers, but they also distribute to five counties around Central and South Jersey.

Third State Brewing - Burlington City, NJ

What started as a passion project business developed into a dream business for the owners. They have big plans for the future because they plan on opening a larger facility. For now, they will continue distributing limited quantities of their craft beers.

To see the full list of New Jersey breweries that NJ Monthly's experts selected go here

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