The keto diet seems like a fun sucker even though people claim to lose weight from keeping up with it. You can't eat this, you can't eat that..UGH!! Just let us be!!

Keeping up with such a strict diet is no easy task but the outcome can be great. Going out with friends and family makes it even more difficult because everyone is enjoying a drink or two and you have to sip on water. That's definitely not fun at all. Many people on very strict diets will probably avoid any type of alcohol but they can actually have a few drinks while being on the keto diet.

Friends having drinks at the night club party
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Here is a list of a some drinks that wouldn't really ruin your fat loss process.

Whiskey is a thumbs up. It contains zero grams of carbs. That makes it a winner at any party that you attend while dieting.

If you love some dirty martinis you are going to be happy to read this. Dirty martinis are one drink that you can have at any time. No carbs, baby!!!

Very little to no grams of carbs is what is in champagne. So if you want to pop a bottle and grab a glass of champagne you should definitely go for it.

Just a little word of advice, any of those low carbs alcohol drinks can actually be mixed with some diet sodas. The keto diet really won’t be harmed with diet soda. It will still maintain low carb intake and also will control your sweet tooth.

Being on such a strict diet can cause you to have a lower alcohol tolerance. So, be very careful and keep that in mind when you’re out drinking.

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