Being overweight can affect your body in many ways and the one way that can really make you upset is not being able to sleep. Some studies have provided enough information to show that individuals with a high Body Mass Index get a lot less sleep than those with lower body fat.

Studies have shown that people that are overweight usually have more health issues. So really what will help you get more Zzz's will be losing weight, thanks captain obvious! No, but really, some common issues that many Americans have is back pains. These pains are typically caused by carrying too much weight on your body which results in lower back pain. Being over weight can actually make you lose about 42 minutes of sleep. Not much, we know, but in the long run its not that great.

Sleep apnea can be something you are suffering from and you may not even know it. Usually if your BMI is over 30 you have a higher chance of building sleep apnea. This not only can make you lose sleep but also affect your health in a very serious way. You may not feel or realize it but with sleep apnea you can stop breathing for about 30 seconds while you sleep.

We all love our sleep so let's prevent these things and get those 42 minutes of sleep back!

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