I am not a big beer girl. I used to be when I first turned 21 and I was trying different kinds of alcohol in college, but I am more of a wine and mixed drink kind of girl. My husband on the other hand, he loves beer. He'll have a Dos Equis after work, a Corona when we're hanging down the shore or a Bud Light when he gets home from work to unwind. Within the last couple of years, he has been getting more and more into craft beers, especially ones for the local breweries in our area. I like to go to the breweries that have cider, so I can taste some stuff along with him, but if they don't have a cider, I'm usually the designated driver for that day. It's a good time though and he can get pretty adventurous when it comes to tasting beers, but donut beer? Not sure if he'd be into it.

Well, people have to be into it since Harpoon Brewery which is out of Boston and Vermont has teamed up with Dunkin' for about three years now to create beers with donut flavors. Harpoon as well as Dunkin' both announced yesterday that they are in fact creating beers that are made with real donuts.


CNN says, they just drop the donut in there and start making the brew. If you're not into the traditional flavor of beer, this may worth you trying it out.

The donuts will be available wherever Harpoon Beer is sold in September, so check your local liquor store to see if they have it.

For more info, check out this article from CNN.


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