Have you ever wanted/needed to get a COVID-19 test but didn’t want to schedule an appointment and wait up to a few days/weeks for the results? Well now, there are finally at-home COVID-19 tests that will be available, and better yet, DoorDash will deliver them straight to your door!

According to a Texas news outlet, The Dallas Morning News, DoorDash is partnering with digital health companies Vault Health and Everlywell to start this process of offering same-day delivery for at-home COVID-19 test kits. The Vault Health tests will be saliva-based and will require a video call with a professional at the company to make sure at-home testers are using the test kit correctly. However, the Everlywell test will be a nasal swab PCR test that does not require supervision.

The Dallas Morning News claims that the test kits can be delivered on doorsteps within the hour they are placed. The kit conveniently includes prepaid postage to ship the sample to a lab. DoorDash says that the customers can get results in 24-48 hours! But of course, this rapid convenience will come at a hefty price. The pricing could range between $109-$119. This seems like a steep price to pay but according to The Dallas Morning News, customers’ health insurance may make them eligible for reimbursement for the cost of the test.

Right now the only cities in which this service is available are Dallas, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Minneapolis, and Phoenix. However, The Dallas Morning News also says that these locations are only the beginning and more locations are being added frequently. It is only a matter of time before these at-home test kit deliveries make their way to New Jersey and Pennsylvania.



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