Doylestown releases the date for their 105th annual tree lighting.

So Halloween is here, but not over, and we're already talking about Christmas. Too soon? It's never too soon to start speaking of the jolly happy holiday.

Doylestown, PA has an annual tree lighting and this year will be their 105th and the date is finally set. When you might ask... November 29th is the date. Discover Doylestown who plans the event said the live music will be starting at 5pm. As always, Santa will come around on his fire truck to light the tree at around 6:30 according to

After the tree lighting, Santa will remain in the area for children to come visit him at his cottage. Besides Santa being there, there will be characters dressed up and Christmas carolers singing around the area. It's safe too say Doylestown will not be lacking any Christmas spirit that night.


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