For those of you who don’t like the traditional bar scene and are tired of the usual pool tables, darts, and air hockey tables. This new bar is going to be right up your ally. A new bar in Philadelphia, called Thirsty Dice, opened up recently and has a fun twist. They offer over 50 board games in various styles.

Choose between classic board games like monopoly, scrabble, and chess; or some cool party games like Cards Against Humanity, Trivial Pursuit, and Time’s Up; as well as plenty of strategy games for the critical thinkers. Don’t have the game you’re looking for? Let them know and they’ll try to put it in stock.

As a bar should, you can expect to be served your favorite craft beers and cocktails plus your choice of an array of amazing food. There is a $5 cover charge to get in, called a library pass. During the weekdays, when it’s less busy, you can have unlimited game time with your library pass. When the weekends hit, everyone needs to get a chance to play so to continue, you’ll have to renew your library pass after two and a half hours. Kids are welcome but encouraged to have an adult present.

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