Wanna go to a drive in movie this weekend? Persis Indian Grill in Monroe is showing Spiderman in their restaurant parking lot this Friday (April 16th) and they want you to come view it. It costs $25 a car and you can even rent a fire pit area for an additional price. The parking lot opens at 7pm and I assume the movie will start shortly after that. The entire event wraps up at 10pm. There will be food available for purchase from the Balle Balle Bowls Food Truck and there will also be popcorn  and hot chocolate.

Persis Indian Grill is located at 146 Applegarth Road in Monroe. For more info, contact Persis Indian Grill at 609-918-9010 and you can purchase your tickets here.

Even though vaccines have been rolled out and many people have received them, we should all still be practicing safe habits. I still get a little nervous when my co-workers come too close to me even if we're both wearing masks. I think it's good that we all continue to take caution because once we let our guards down again, this virus can come back and slap us all in the face. I will definitely continue to attend safer events like the drive in movie that Persis Indian Grill is having. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Plus, I think it's cool to fill up your car and sit and watch a movie. Doing outdoor activities makes it feel like spring is here and summer is not too far behind. The warmer weather makes me happy in so many ways.

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