If you live in Lawrence Township, you can you flu shot, drive-thru style this year, according to The Patch.

The drive-thru flu shot clinic will be held one week from today (Wednesday, October 28th), in the parking lot of the Lawrence Township Senior Center (located at 30
East Darrah Lane, behind the Mercer County Library).

Lawrence Township has partnered with Rite Aid for this event. A Rite Aid pharmacist will be the one giving you the vaccine. Make sure to bring your medical insurance card with you, as the shot will most likely be covered. Without insurance, the vaccine will cost $32. That's not too bad.

Vaccines will be available for those 13 years old and up. A parent must be with anyone getting the shot between the ages of 13 and 18.

You must register online ahead of time. You can register here. Once registration is closed, you'll get an email back with an appointment time.

The township is asking everyone getting a vaccine to stay in your car upon arrival at the senior center, and wait for instructions from organizers. They're also asking you to wear a face mask (covering both your mouth and your nose), and wear short sleeves or loose sleeves so your arm is easily accessible (not like the time I wore a hoodie when getting a flu shot at Target with Dave, and I basically had to strip...so embarrassing...lol....Dave was laughing so hard).

Any questions?  I think I covered most of the information for you, thanks to The Patch. You can always call the Lawrence Township Health Department at (609) 844-7089.

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