It’s that time of year! Pantries are starting to be stacked up with girl scout cookies. All we see our coworkers snacking on is thin mints, samoas and every other girl scout cookie.

If you haven't gotten your fair share of cookies yet, we have the perfect spot for you to go get yours this weekend. According to, this Saturday (02/02) will be the big day in Richboro and Newtown to get your cookies via Drive-Thru.

The hours for the two lane drive-thru in Richboro are 11am to 3pm. This is the very first time that Richboro will hold a drive-thru girl scout cookie sale. The location is 25 Upper Holland Road in Richboro.

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City
Credit: John Moore

If you aren’t going to be around that location, don't you worry. There is a second location that will be open for TWO days instead of one. This one will be in Newtown, PA.

Newtown is not new to the whole drive-thru thing. This is their 4th annual drive-thru girl scout cookie sale. 2700 South Eagle Road in Newtown is the location for both Saturday (2/2) and Sunday (2/3). Times are 11a to 3p on both days.

Help these awesome young ladies continue to succeed with their business ethics and sell as many cookies as possible. There is no such thing as too many girl scout cookies. Even if you already purchased some from the family members or friends, you should go get some more.

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