I think everyone knows this by now, but I love myself a good cup of coffee. I am constantly looking around to find the BEST coffee ever. Now I have been to Duck Donuts a lot, but I have actually never had their coffee. Well, it must be my lucky day because according to their facebook they will be giving out free coffee on Tuesday, September 29 for National Coffee Day. 

Everyone is entitled to this free coffee. Of course, there's a catch: you must buy something off their menu. This is not a hard task at all. Their donuts are to die for. The best part is that you get to choose any size coffee you want!

I’m thinking of going for iced coffee since that is usually my go to, but part of me wants to try a hot coffee! If you're feeling a little bit fancy they are even giving out their cold brew for free as well! Not going to lie, when I go there I often see people customize their drinks and I am wondering if I should do that as well. They also mentioned they will be introducing their coffee cake donut. This is probably going to pair so well with my coffee! 

Some of you might remember that I went to Duck Donuts Levittown locations grand opening. I had an amazing experience. All of the staff was very friendly. Not to mention they make your donuts fresh right in front of your face so you will never have to worry about having a stale snack. I can't wait!

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