The coronavirus pandemic has not only caused thousands to lose their lives, but it's also caused thousands to lose their jobs and thousands of businesses to close their doors. Most employees were just furloughed and will be hired back again once their business reopens, but some businesses may have had to let their employees go for good because they will have to recover from such a huge loss of business and may not be able to pay as many employees as they used to. So this has forced many people to file for unemployment and start to look for other jobs. I always say, how grateful I am that my husband and I are employed and our jobs are not something we had to worry about during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, my entire family has been working this entire time because they are all considered essential. With the reopening of many states and the rush of business many restaurants and stores will receive, many companies plan to do a lot of hiring and Dunkin' is one of them.

The New York Post reports that Dunkin' will be hiring at least 25,000 workers to prepare for when they're allowed to reopen all their locations and their inside dining areas. I know some people that go to Dunkin seven days a week, so I definitely believe that they will have tons of businesses once they're allowed to open their inside dining rooms. Not only are they planning to hire so many people, but the New York Post also says that they are partnering with Southern New Hampshire University to give their employees a college eduction at a lower cost.

For more info, check out this article from the New York Post, and to apply for a job, click here.

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