Leaving your impression on history is what many strive for, but one unique Eagles cheerleader is searching for yet another way to create a further impression.

Kyle Tanguay is already known for being the Eagles' first male cheerleader in nearly three decades and he won’t stop there.

Tanguay finished up his rookie season with the Philly squad after the 21-year-old started as one of nine rookie cheerleaders for the 2019 season.  Fans welcomed him to the team, with the cheerleader expressing equal thanks to the Eagles’ following stating:

“One thing that I appreciated about them and something that they appreciated about me was that we both shared this intense love for the Eagles. Maybe we don’t look the same, maybe we don’t act the same, maybe we have different values, but at the end of the day I’m an Eagles fan and so are you so that’s what brings us together,” Tanguay stated.

Even though his primary background is in dance, Tanguay has been singing since his days in his high school chorus.  He looks to bring his talents to the ABC American Idol international stage. His audition is set to air this Sunday, February 23rd. Make sure to tune in and support of fellow Eagle!


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