The 2021 Philadelphia Eagles schedule will be released on Wednesday night, and while we don't yet know when the Philadelphia Eagles will be taking on certain opponents, we do know the opponents that they will play in 2021.

And it is easiest slate of games in the league when you look at their opponents 2020 winning percentage, with the combined winning percentage of their opponents sitting at just .430 (117-155) from a year ago.

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The Eagles are the only team in the NFL that has a strength of schedule below .450.

2021 Strength of Schedule Based on Opponents’ W-L Records in 2020 SOS  Philadelphia Eagles .430
Dallas Cowboys .452
Atlanta Falcons .454
Tampa Bay Buccaneers .465
Denver Broncos .471
Miami Dolphins .471
Carolina Panthers .472
New York Giants .474 I
Indianapolis Colts .478
Buffalo Bills .478
New Orleans Saints .483
New England Patriots .489
New York Jets .489
San Francisco 49ers .489
Jacksonville Jaguars .491
Los Angeles Chargers .493
Washington Football Team .504
Houston Texans .504
Arizona Cardinals .507
Tennessee Titans .507
Kansas City Chiefs .511
Seattle Seahawks .511
Los Angeles Rams .515
Cleveland Browns .518
Las Vegas Raiders .526
Cincinnati Bengals .529
Detroit Lions .529
Minnesota Vikings .531
Green Bay Packers .542
Chicago Bears .550
Baltimore Ravens .563
Pittsburgh Steelers .574

The team will face 10 different teams that failed to qualify for the NFL p[layoffs in 2020 with only four games against 2020 playoff qualifiers, Washington, Kansas City, New Orleans and the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Of that group, only three, actually had a record above .500 last season.

In 2020, the team faced a brutal schedule, featuring eight playoff teams, including a stretch that saw them face Cleveland, Seattle, Green Bay and New Orleans.

They had a difficult strength of schedule that year, fresh off a 2019 playoff appearance. This time around things could be a bit easier when it comes to securing wins in the regular season, facing a last place slate.

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