There was a minor earthquake yesterday morning (Tuesday, April 9th), off the coast of Long Island, that was felt here, in the Trenton area.

According to,  it happened at 7:22am, about 33 miles Southeast of Southhampton. I would have been talking to you, on the air, at that time. I didn't feel anything, did you?  You may have thought it was just a truck going by. It was also felt in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware.

I was shocked to read in the article that New Jersey gets about 6 earthquakes a year, but, they're so small that we don't even feel them.

Thankfully, no damage was reported, and there weren't any injuries.

Hopefully, you'll never need these, but, here are some tips for what to do if a bigger earthquake ever hits. says you should always have a family emergency plan, and have an emergency kit on hand with 3 days of supplies.

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