They've finally decided on a new name for the Factory formally known as Electric ...

(check out my previous blog post for a refresher on why the venue had to be renamed)

The famous Philly concert hall basically had to be renamed and the new owners left it up to fans to vote on the new name and the prize at stake was pretty sweet too!  TWO TICKETS to every show through 2020. Very cool!

There were actually four winners that got to claim that sweet prize, their entry's got chosen out of 5,000 submissions too!

So the moment you've all been waiting for ... ( even tho you already read it in the headline of this blog post ...) The Electric Factory has officially been renamed to Franklin Music Hall.

Seriously ?!  Call me a hater, but that name is kinda weak ...

I mean the temporary name, North Seventh was better than that ... how about Betsy Ross House of Rock ... anything else would be better.


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