In the past few days, we have experienced some pretty aggressive heat waves. During the heatwaves, many Ewing residents noticed that their trash was not being picked up and that had many neighbors wondering what was going on.

Many Facebook users from a private Facebook group went on their accounts to ask other Ewing Township residents if their trash was being picked up and quite a few residents seemed confused. Facebook users mentioned that the waste company that does waste pick up in Ewing Township protects its employees and does not allow them to work in massive heat waves.

On the Soltera Recycling Solution website, it stated that weather can cause trash pick up to get delayed. It is stated on the Soltera Recycling Solution website, "If our office is closed due to inclement conditions scheduled pickups will be the following day."

On Facebook Ewing Township residents made it known that they care for the staff members that are picking up the residents' waste. One Facebook user said in the comment section, "These guys work hard!! It is hot out and they are not in A/C like all of you." Residents were quick to let the complainers know that their trash would get picked up soon.

With that being said we know how hot and humid it gets during the summer let's all be patient and make sure we do not give the staff members keeping Ewing Township clean a hard time. The heat started early this year.

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