We all know the rules for hand washing by heart by now, but did you know experts have a rule for washing your sheets as well.

According to Huffington Post, people were washing their sheets anywhere from weekly to every other week to monthly. But now that we are even more careful about keeping everything clean, how often should we wash the bed sheets?

Let's start with this gross fact. In addition to the sweat, lotion, make-up and other things that get on the bed sheets, 50 million dead skin cells get on there...nightly! So how often do we need to wash all that away?

Normal Times...before the pandemic, experts suggested washing bedding on a weekly basis. Some dermatology experts say the pillow cases should get changed about 3 times a week.

Pandemic Times...Experts say you should double your efforts during COVID-19. So, if you washed the bed sheets weekly, you should increase that to twice a week, etc.

The CDC does not have specific suggestions for washing bed sheets, but they do have guidelines if you live with someone who has tested positive. according to the article.

We've doubled and tripled our hand washing and surface washing efforts, and we're extra careful with deliveries and mail, so it's probably smart to add bedding cleanliness to the list.

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