Did you know there's a Tik Tok star in Hamilton Township?  His name is Salvatore Mandreucci aka SallySlices. His family own Marcello's Pizza Grill. I love their Corleone pizza.

The NY Post just wrote an article about him and the minute I saw it I yelled, I know that place. Lol.

What I didn't know was just how famous Salvatore is. He has almost 3 million Tik Tok followers and millions of Instagram followers too. When I told my family they said they already knew all about him and I was late to the party. Lol.

So many people call Marcello's Pizza Grill to talk to him that he's had to stop answering the phone. I'm sure his fame is good for business.

Look...here's Marcello's Pizza Grill in the background of one of his Tik Tok videos.

His videos are simple. It's just Sal doing his thing. He'll prop his phone up in the pizza shop to record him making pizza or whatever the day's task is. People everywhere have grown to love him.

He give relationship advice and inspires people to achieve their goals.

He asks fun questions like, "Does chicken belong on pizza?" Watch:

Mandreucci has also become a businessman. He's selling SallySlices merch and he recently announced on Tik Tok that you'll be able to buy his homemade Sicilian Cannoli soon. Watch.

Salvatore has a great personality and has become loved by his followers. Even though he's enjoyed making pizza with his family his whole life, he'd like to get into acting.

Even though most Italian families like their loved ones nearby, his family supports his dream and would love to see him end up in Hollywood.

Have you ever seen SallySlices? I can't wait to meet him. He's probably made my Corleone pizza before. I like it with vodka sauce, by the way. Yum.

Marcello's Pizza Grill is located at 45 George Dye Road in Hamilton Square. It's in the strip mall between Nottingham Way and Route 33.

Stop by and say hi.

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