Head on over to Moro Drive in Hamilton Township, NJ, for some Halloween fun. Back for 2021, and going on now, is the Farina Family Frightmare.

The Farina family is a regular ole' family like yours and mine...the only difference is they have colossal passion for everything Halloween. They've recruited neighbors, got to work, and turned their neighborhood into the biggest Halloween display in the area.

There's even a Facebook page dedicated to the "Farina Family Frightmare."

A post from September 27th reads, "A new season of Frightmares is less than a week away! We will be hosting 5 spirited themes across 4 lawn attractions. That's over 200 feet of fright located at 7, 9, 11 and 15 Moro Drive. Our haunting light shows are also returning this year to enhance the already creepy atmosphere. Scare you later, my friends."

This is some great, safe, family fun for Halloween. You can stay in your car and check out all of the scenes or you can walk by the houses. I looked the address for you...take Quakerbridge Road or Flock Road to get there...it's near Mercer County Park.

If you've visited in years past, you'll want to go again this year to check out the new Egyptian scene and new characters. They Farina family is also challenging you to translate the hieroglyphics using the Egyptian Alphabet provided. Cool.

The Farina Family Frightmare is open every night from now until Halloween from 6pm - 10pm.

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