UPDATE: This warning has been canceled, as of 4:10 pm on Tuesday.

A tornado warning was just issued for parts of our area earlier this afternoon when the National Weather Service found that a severe thunderstorm was capable of producing a tornado.

The storm was already southeast of Trenton at the time, and it was associated with a relatiely nasty line of thunderstorms.

"In addition to the tornado threat, 60 mph winds, quarter-size hail, and very heavy rain are possible," 94.5 PST's Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow warned us earlier.

"Any residual raindrops should exit by about 7 p.m. Then skies will clear and conditions will dry out overnight. So it will be a quiet night," Dan says. "Low temperatures will dip to around the freezing mark, in the lower to mid-30s by Wednesday morning."

But he is warning that this week's weather roller coaster ride is going to continue, and yes, we may even see some snow. Click here to read his complete breakdown. 

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