This one hurts me personally because it's my favorite music festival. I've been wondering for weeks, is the Firefly Music Festival coming back for 2024?

Or is this incredible festival done for good?

Here's what we know (so far):

Firefly Music Festival Takes 2023 Year Off

Last fall, the Firefly Music Festival announced that it would be taking the year off in 2024.

This news came just days after the 2022 festival which featured Dua Lipa, Halsey and more. Plus, it was actually after they hosted 10 events over 11 years (you know... COVID-19 affected one of those years).

2016 Firefly Music Festival
Theo Wargo

The annual festival has become a fan favorite as it has been held on the grounds near Dover Motor Speedway in Dover, DE since 2012.

"After 10 magical years of Firefly in The Woodlands, we’ve decided to take a year to recharge our lights. We will see you in 2024," the statement read in part.

So that gave us hope that the festival WOULD return in 2024.

So Is the Firefly Music Festival Really Returning to Delaware in 2024?

Honestly, we're not too sure at this point.

Firefly Festival via Twitter

The festival used to be held in June, which meant the announcement happened in the late summer or early fall of the previous years.

However, in a post-COVID-19 world, the festival was moved to late September  — which by the way is the PERFECT time for an outdoor festival in the Northeast because it wasn't too cold yet.

2016 Firefly Music Festival
Theo Wargo

So the announcement typically came well before Thanksgiving.

Here we are... and as of this moment... there has not been an announcement (of any kind) about the 2024 Firefly Music Festival.

We reached out to the festival's promoters, but haven't heard back with any indication about what they have planned (or don't have planned).

However, with each passing day, I have to say: I'm more worried it may not happen in 2024. Luckily, that's just pure speculation at this point.

Hopefully, I'm wrong!

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