It's vacation season! If your hitting the airport that means you might be facing delays and layovers and they can get super boring ... I totally know!

Well, not to worry if this happens to you at Philadelphia International Airport. They've stepped up their game after a few years of renovation. A legit $900 million upgrade which means more dining, shopping, relaxing and more.

There are tons of ways to keep busy with art, play and learning.

I found this awesome article that highlights cool things you can do in each terminal  called the PHL Airport layover guide.

My favorites by far are, This Liberty Bell is said to be made out of 1,776 LEGOs in terminal A-West, the private bathroom for dogs in terminal D and the vibrant, psychedelic, five-panel/five-artist mural series ‘Jawn: It’s A Philly Thing’ ... very cool if your from Philly!


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