If you've been paying attention to your weather app, you may have noticed that the forecast for Thursday (Thanksgiving) seems to be trending colder and colder. We actually just updated the forecast in this post on Tuesday morning to show how cold it will be.

Well, did you know that Thanksgiving day could actually be the coldest one ever recorded in our area? 

The specifics will vary a little bit town-by-town in our area, so we dug up this surprising statistic to show just how cold it is going to be this year:

The National Weather Service is currently forecasting a high temperature of 28 degrees in Philadelphia on Thursday. Yes, this is actually even colder than the forecast was predicting on Monday.

That would beat the coldest Thanksgiving ever recorded in Philadelphia (which was on November 28, 1996), according to a report from The Weather Channel. They report that the high temperature was just 30* in 1996.

Historical Thanksgiving weather data for other area towns in our area isn't as easily accessible, but look at this chilly forecast from the National Weather Service for Thanksgiving day 2018:

Princeton, NJ
Forecast high: 26*
Forecast low (overnight into Friday morning): 14*

Bordentown, NJ
Forecast high: 27*
Forecast low (overnight into Friday morning): 16*

Doylestown, PA
Forecast high: 26*
Forecast low (overnight into Friday morning): 16*

Bensalem, PA
Forecast high: 28*
Forecast low (overnight into Friday morning): 18*

So, yeah, it's safe to say this year could definitely be the coldest one many of us have ever seen.

You'll definitely bundle up if you're headed out to a big football game or heading out shopping early Friday morning.

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