If you were rooting for a significant snowfall this weekend, you may not get your wish. However, we could still get a few inches of snow over the course of the weekend. 

Yeah, for snow lovers this, unfortunately, means that the strong area of high pressure (filled with cold air) will keep the bulk of the storm to our south, according to Townsquare Media's Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

The storm will arrive Saturday evening and it will last through most of the day on Sunday.


"The strength, track, and phasing of the system just aren't coming together for a big thumping. I wouldn't completely rule out a last-minute change of heart. But there is currently no operational or ensemble model pumping out the big totals anymore," Dan said late Wednesday night. 

So the biggest snow totals will stay to our south (and east) across Southern and Coastal New Jersey.

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So how much snow will fall? 

"Maybe an inch or two for North Jersey, and even that might be a stretch given the southern track. A bit more to the south and east (maybe even 6" or more of snow)," Dan told us.

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Other area forecasters seem to agree. WPVI-TV is calling the storm a "light event" for the Philadelphia metro area right now:

Here's the latest forecast map from the National Weather Service:

National Weather Service

We'll have the latest for you tomorrow morning.