One of Pennsylvania's most iconic retail chains is likely preparing to close seven stores in southeastern Pa. And the entire chain, which was once bustling, may become extinct soon.

Forman Mills, a department store known for their low-priced clothing and goods, is preparing to close at least seven of their locations across southeastern Pennsylvania.

And, yes, several of those stores are in the city of Philadelphia.

Is your neighborhood Forman Mills on the list? Keep scrolling. We have a list of the first stores that are likely to close this summer.


Forman Mills Indicates They May File For Bankruptcy

Meanwhile, the status of the rest of the chain remains in limbo as it could be facing bankruptcy.

Forman Mills' Chief Financial Officer told 6 ABC that "they're working on selling the company, but may not be successful."

If they're unable to sell the company, the company will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the CFO told the TV station this week.

On Wednesday, the company filed a WARN notice with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry that approximately 245 employees (who work in stores throughout the area) are facing layoffs in early August 2023.

A WARN notice (The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act) is federal protection for workers. It requires employers with 100 or may employees to provide 60-day advance notice of planned closings and mass layoffs of employees.

This all comes after the chain laid off 119 corporate employees at its headquarters in Pennsauken, New Jersey earlier this month, according to a report from WHYY. Those employees are suing the company for not complying with the requirements for a WARN Notice.

Which Forman Mills Stores Are Closing in 2023?

6 ABC Philadelphia
6 ABC Philadelphia

Wednesday's filing includes four stores in the city itself.

The Philadelphia stores included on the WARN notice or upcoming closures are:

  • North Philadelphia - 2900 North Broad
  • Northeast Philadelphia - 3500 Aramingo Ave
  • Northeast Philadelphia - 5694 Rising Sun Avenue
  • North Philadelphia - 4806 Market Street

Outside of Philadelphia, these stores are also included in the WARN notice posted by the state:

  • Lehigh County - MacArthur Road in Whitehall, Pa.
  • Montgomery County - Easton Road in Wyncote, Pa.
  • Delaware County - Macdade Blvd, Glenolden, Pa.

All of the stores are showing a closing date that's effective August 4, 2023, according to the notice.

Forman Mills Has Rich Philadelphia History


Forman Mills was founded in Philadelphia in 1985 by Richard Forman. Forman sold the company and its assets to Goode Partners in 2016.
Forman Mills currently operates 44 stores nationwide, including stores n Chicago, Brooklyn, and Detroit.

The company may be best known for its loud FORRRMANNNN MILLS commercials.

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