I’m sure you all know by now that I am in LOVE with Tik Tok. I have to admit that I was definitely one of those individuals that was totally against it, but I have to say it really did grow on me. I find myself scrolling hours at night. It used to be Instagram or twitter I’d be scrolling through before bed, but Tik Tok has completely taken over. And I don't mean scrolling for about 20 minutes. No, I’m scrolling for like 3 hours! 

One of my favorite things to see on Tik Tok is what places or people from the area that I recognize. I follow one account where it shows off a bunch of different things to do in Jersey and in PA. I’m telling you I have never even heard of some of these places, but that’s besides the point right now. 

Guess who I came across? Frankie Jonas!

Frankie Jonas is the little brother of the Jonas Brothers! I always thought it was very interesting to see how he lived his life being that his brothers are by far one of the biggest boy bands ever! Well, he is finally letting us in on that….kind of. 

Frankie Jonas, and the rest of the Jonas Brothers’ were born right here in Jersey! Frankie was born in Ridgewood in 2000, making him 20 years young. 

He’s really just acting out scenes of “Married to Jonas,” which was Kevin Jonas’ reality show that aired back in 2012. 


One of his most recent Tik Tok has over 1.8 million views! I guess you can say he’s kind of a big deal now. His goal is to get to 100 million followers by the end of this year! I must say that is a pretty big number, but I believe in him. He’s pretty funny so it shouldn’t be a problem!




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