The old Freddie's Tavern in West Trenton may be torn down to make way for apartments and retail space, according to

The once popular restaurant closed suddenly in July, and the new owner said he was taking a step back to reevaluate the business and hoped to reopen the restaurant again in the near future, with a new, modern flair. Now, that certainly doesn't seem to be the case, and some residents are distraught. The article says the planning board meeting was packed last week with residents who don't want to see the space become 58 housing units and 3,300 square-feet of retail space.

One Ewing resident that spoke up against the redevelopment plan, Adam Steinberger, presented a petition called Save Ewing, stating that there are many residents against the possible project. He's had over 500 residents sign it online in only two weeks.

In front of the Planning Board, Steinberger said, “I’m not against redevelopment, but I think the board needs to take into consideration the scope and the scale of what is being proposed. It just doesn’t match with the neighborhood.”

Others are worried about the local schools becoming too crowded and the traffic in their town increasing.

For more information and to see what the Ewing Mayor has to say about this situation, click here.

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