A Philadelphia based artist with a residency at Cherry Street Pier is using unique materials for his portraits, and  he is giving them away free of charge!

Ed Marion, an ex-Manhattan lawyer, made the move to Northern Liberties in 2008, and set his roots to pursue art full-time. Starting with Landscapes and self-portraits, Marion moved on to pineapples, and ultimately portraits of others. However, these portraits are not on canvas, they are painted on pizza boxes!

Philly Inquirer states” Pizza boxes became the canvas of choice because they were cheap, an ‘Instagrammable’ square shape, and easy for recipients to transport, even in rainy conditions.”

Reduce. Reuse. Upcycle!

Marion is pleased to have so many excited to help him with his dreams. Keep an eye out for his prospective coffee-table book “ The Pizza Portrait Project!”

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