Starbucks came out with their cold brew back in 2016 and it became so popular it became a staple on their menu. Cole brew coffee itself has become extremely popular over the last couple of years, so it make sense that Starbucks jumped on the cold brew train. I'm more of a tea girl myself but my hubby is a huge fan of cold brew!

Credit: Getty Images

If you're a Starbucks lover and you haven't tried their cold brew yet, today is your day to get yourself a free sample. According to Thrillist, Starbucks is handing out 3.5 oz cups of their cold brew today, absolutely free! It's like a little shot glass, but still, free is free, right? You don't have to do ANYTHING to get this free shot of cold brew, just walk in to a participating store and ask for it. Starbucks wants people to get hooked on their cold brew and hopefully after today, you will be!