Good news, coffee lovers. You can get free coffee at Wawa on Today (April 11). It's a day that fans of the popular chain look forward to every year.

I don't drink coffee, but, if you do, you're probably happy about this. I figured you'd be happy about this. Customers will be able to get a free hot coffee. You can get any size (up to 24 ounces).

Let's be real here for a second. There are Wawas everywhere, so you could probably get your 2nd cup for free on the next block. Of course, I am guessing that Wawas everywhere will be packed, so be patient.

I drive by a Wawa every morning on my way to work, and it's always packed.

Did you know this is the 55th anniversary of Wawa? Free coffee day is actually the way the chain celebrates its anniversary. I saw on 6ABC that Wawa wants you to use the hashtag, #WawaDay on today, when posting your free cup on social media.

Check out where all the Wawas in your area are by clicking HERE. Good luck waiting in line on oday to pour that coffee, and a special shoutout the employees who will be working extra hard.


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