If you listen to Chris & The Crew, you hear me ALWAYS talk about my love for chicken nuggets. Not all chicken nuggets are created equal though, I'm a little picky when it comes to where I get my nuggets and I must say, Wendy's has some good ones.

They bring back the spicy version of their nuggets every year and according to Delish, you can get some for free this week! Why? See Wendy's Tweet below from back in May.

So because people on Twitter are so awesome, Wendy's will be offering free nuggets this week. How do you get them? All you have to do is order Wendy's using DoorDash through August 19th and you should get free spicy nuggets. Get on this fast! You never know when Wendy's will run out of free spicy chicken nuggets! Free nuggets makes any rainy day a much better one!

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