I’ve grown up in Mercer County my entire life and there are so many hidden gem restaurants and bars in the area. Even if you’re not a regular at all of them, we all have been to enough of them to figure out our favorites of the bunch.

I asked Mercer County residents on Facebook to comment on their favorite bars that happen to have the friendliest staff in Mercer County. There were so many different bars mentioned that, in my experience, were all accurate.

Although there were so many Mercer County bars mentioned, the bar that was voted to have the friendliest staff in Mercer County was First N Ten in Trenton, NJ on Hamiton Ave!

This bar sits right on the border of Trenton and Hamilton and is known throughout the area for its killer food and apparently, amazing staff! If you’ve ever visited First N Ten, it’s a homey-feeling sports bar that everyone in Mercer County knows about.

First N Ten Sports Pub via Facebook
First N Ten Sports Pub via Facebook

They’re widely popular and some would say their best known for their chicken wings over anything. They seriously have some of the best in the entire area, so if you haven’t tried them out, you have to!

After asking Mercer County residents on socials which bar has the friendliest staff in the county, First N Ten was just about every other comment.

Some other honorable mentions from the poll were Killarney’s in Hamilton and Amalfi’s in Lawrenceville, but overall, First N Ten was the winner! Visit them at 1961 Hamilton Ave, Trenton, NJ!

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