Winter is here, so if these cold temperatures are getting you down, one local airline may have a solution.

Frontier Airlines is making headlines today with an amazing deal that's available for 24 hours.

For today only, the airline is offering $25 flights from Trenton-Mercer Airport to their popular destinations in Florida. Of course, the Trenton- Mercer Airport is so easy for us since it's located in Ewing Twp (right off I-95).

The airport (unlike the ones in Newark or Philadelphia) is small in size, which personally is a nice chance when you're traveling. I flew out of Trenton- Mercer Airport when I went to Nashville for my bachelorette party and it was great.

Of course, if you miss your flight there's a downfall that you may not be able to get out that day. You also have to hope your flight isn't canceled for any reason since you could become stranded. Plus, they have paper thin seats that aren't totally comfortable, but for $25... that's not bad.

Of course, with today's special, you're only able to travel on certain days (for travel by March 9th). But if you catch one of the deals, you'll only pay $25 for a flight.  $25 is for one way.

The cities you can fly into for $25 are Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa.

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