When you see a crazy driver on the road in New Jersey it might be helpful to know how to report them to the police.

What's that line again?! ... 'if you see something, say something.'

That's exactly what this campaign is about. If you haven't noticed the big blue signs along the highway (because honestly, I disregard them all the time - not even giving it a second thought to read it) but there is a tip line to report aggressive drivers.

The actual sign is a big blue square that states, "REPORT AGGRESSIVE DRIVING CELL #77" with a yellow bar on top the reads "SAFETY FIRST".

I'm on the road all the time driving back and forth from NYC and trust me - I see the unthinkable sometimes. From texting and driving to just rude tailgating or just crazy speeders. I actually saw someone driving on the wrong side of the highway before. Super scary. So this is extremely helpful for me and I thought it would be great to pass the word along.

“It is another tool in the arsenal to call attention to the behavioral problems happening on our roadways," said Pam Fischer, traffic safety consultant and former state Division of Highway Traffic Safety director via nj.com.


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