Dear New Jersey & PA Law Enforcement Officers,

Thank you.

Lately, things have been very tough for everyone with so many things happening around the world with the pandemic. For you, as police officers, things have not been easy lately either. Many times you probably feel that your back is against the wall and you must watch your every move.

I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and for continuing to show up to work even when everyone is ready to pull out a camera as soon as they see you doing your job. You have a family to go back home to and we all know your family wants you to get back home safe and sound.

As a family member of a law enforcement officer, I know the feeling. I message my loved one in law enforcement every day to ask how his day at work was just to make sure he is good.

I come from a very rough neighborhood in the Los Angeles area -- Watts. Growing up in Watts, I saw many things that police officers were put through.

I remember having lunch in middle school and hearing gunshots, seconds later police officers were running after a guy that was holding a gun. It was crazy. Those police officers did whatever they could to protect all the kids who were trying to enjoy lunch.

I’ve also had encounters with law enforcement officers where I was put in handcuffs -- not because I was doing anything wrong -- but because I resembled someone that they were looking for. I was asked several questions and followed the police officer's instructions. Even after being “stereotyped," I still thank you for all of your work that you do and appreciate you always making sure that our communities continue to stay safe.

My experience may not reflect those of others, but I wanted to say that I respect your work.

Thank you to the men and women right here in our community (and across the country) who help keep us safe. Let’s help each other whenever we can.

94.5 PST

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