Technology has evolved so much in many ways and now it is helping law enforcement officers stay protected with every encounter they have with every single individual. The way to do that is with body cams.

We learned from that back in November of 2020 the governor of the state of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, signed a new law that requires all police officers in New Jersey to wear body cams. Now, that law finally took effect. It is being said that most SWAT team members, K-9 cops, and regular police officers will be required to have a body cam on them. According to, undercover cops as well as a few other positions will not be required to wear a body cam while on duty.

Are these cameras filming the full shift of every police officer? The answer is no. shared that the cameras are turned on and off at the judgment of the police officer. It was also stated on that police officers will be asked to turn on the body cam "before they arrive at a scene to record both the mundane (traffic stops) and the serious (searches and arrests)."

If the law enforcement officer suspects that underage residents are using either alcohol or marijuana the officer will turn on the bodycam to record the incident, according to

The only way you can ask the law enforcement officer to shut off the body camera is if you are the victim and you are receiving medical care. made it known that you will be aware of when you are being filmed and cops are not allowed to say that they are not filming the incident. The footage is then stored for about six months, according to

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