The national average gas prices are set to rise soon so expect a hike in price at your pump over the next few weeks.

Gas prices have been quite low over the colder months and with history repeating itself central NJ looks like it's due for a price hike at the pump with the warmer months approaching.

Soon, your tank will be filled with the pricier summer blend. The reason pumps switch to a different type of gasoline is because it's more suitable for the hot summer temperatures when it comes to evaporating.

As someone who drives a lot, I'm definitely not too happy about this!

You might be paying about $2.50 per gallon right now depending where you're located and where you commute to every day.

According to AAA at this time last year, the average price per gallon was $2.58 (So yay! Technically we've been saving all winter long).

These are the current average prices per gallon for gas in local NJ counties:

Mercer: $2.53

Middlesex: $2.51

Monmouth: $2.53

Burlington: $2.46

Hunterdon: $2.49

You can see the full map broken down by county as well as a breakdown of the averages here.



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