I’ve been traveling a lot recently and have noticed every other state has beer in grocery stores and gas stations, for the most part. I’ve always grown up thinking that all alcohol had to be bought at a liquor store and that was it!

It has me wondering now, why can’t we buy alcohol at different liquor stores in New Jersey? I started researching because ever since I traveled out of state I can’t help but think how awesome it would be to go into Wawa, grab a hoagie and a pack of High Noons, and then head home.





The answer to this question is pretty simple, actually. So, we all know that alcohol laws are extremely strict in New Jersey. Not many restaurants or grocery stores are allowed to have liquor licenses throughout the state. “New Jersey has a cap on liquor licenses, permitting only 1 license per 3,000 residents,” says whyy.org.

Although there are very few numbers of gas stations that sell beer in New Jersey, it’s very few and far between. If you ever do find a gas station that sells alcohol in New Jersey, it’s probably because it is attached to a convenience store or grocery store that has a liquor license.

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I personally have never seen a gas station in the entire state that sells beer, so when I do, I will probably be very excited.

There are very few gas stations, grocery stores, or convenience stores in New Jersey that sell any alcohol products because state law prohibits any person or corporation from possessing more than two retail distribution licenses.

So if you’re from out of state and are looking for a quick place to stop for a case of beer, Shop Rite or Wawa won’t get you very far, unfortunately!

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