This is amazing!  Just read in USA Today that Amazon's going to be selling, real, fresh, Christmas trees this year....big ones, 7 footers! You know, we used to have a tradition with John's family to go to the Xmas tree farm every year and cut down our own. Well, let's just say that got old fast. lol. It was cold out there....and we'd spend hours looking for just the right one. Well, the right one's now going to be plopped right on your porch by your Amazon delivery person. Yup, live trees, wreaths, and garland will go on sale in November. Your tree will be shipped to you within 10 days of it being cut, and they say, it should be fine in the shipping. Wow. So, I guess you'll know what's in the 7 foot box on your porch when you get home after work.

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