Hamilton, New Jersey is getting a new restaurant, and I'm excited about it for two reasons.

The first reason is that it's close to where I live.

The second reason is that it's actually a Greek restaurant!

Simple Greek is having their grand opening celebration this Thursday (September 27th) and they're giving away free gyros to the first 100 guests.

Simple Greek is located on Route 33 in Hamilton, NJ. It's in the same shopping center as the ACME supermarket. I have to mention they also have the best phone number: 1-609-890-GYRO (4976).

Since I'm Greek, I think I need to change my phone number so that the last 4 digits are also GYRO or maybe FETA?

If you're not sure how to pronounce gyro, no worries. I've got you covered. Feel free to watch the video Jimmy Fallon did with Luke Bryan where they sang  "I Don't Know How to Pronounce Gyro." You can go to the 3:03 mark if you want the proper pronunciation.

In the meantime, get to their opening early for a free gyro.

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