Yes, we know pumpkin dominates this time of year. We can't escape it and honestly I don't hate it. But while I was scrolling through Instagram, I was happy to see another classic fall/Halloween flavor now has the spotlight, candy corn. Yes, there is now a candy corn ice cream being served at Big Gay Ice Cream in Philadelphia.

If you're into candy corn and want to try it in soft serve form you'll have to hurry because It's only around for a limited time.

If you couldn't tell already I love food and desserts so naturally I follow Franklin Fountain on Instagram too. They also have some cool and unique fall ice cream flavors like Apple Butter Ice Cream.

Their post on Instagram said that their Apple Butter Ice Cream from Franklin Fountain is actually made with with local apples and Bauman Family Fruit Butters & Cider apple butter.

Franklin fountain also offers another cool flavor for the fall, Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream.

If you still can't give up pumpkin for one day you can always get there pumpkin ice cream too.

Personally, I'm down to try them all and go on a fall ice cream shop crawl in Philly.

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