With summer already over and the colder weather creeping in, it can be hard to find things that will release any pent up energy left over from the summer. Rockville Climbing Center in Hamilton, NJ has just the thing you and your family. They have walls, rooms, and even ceilings filled with rock climbing walls. It looks like you’ve walked into a cave of wonders and need to climb it all to find out where it will take you.

For those who are new to rock climbing, they offer lessons and gear rentals at affordable prices and challenges for all ages. It is a great space for birthday parties and group get together or fly solo if you’re working on skills. Just like Sky Zone, everyone who will be climbing will need to sign a waiver. Not only do they host parties but they also have a rock climbing club and after school club for those who are serious about building their sense of body control, climbing, and improving problem solving skills.

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